The Tyranny of the Elevator-Hijacking-Neighbor-Kids

Until I was in second grade, we lived in a 1920’s gothic revival building on Chicago’s north side.  Faux gargoyles and heraldic symbols were molded into the plaster facade where a pair of wrought iron lanterns flanked the heavy carved wood doors, each with a gigantic brass handle. The theme carried into the lobby which was intended to replicate Ye Olde English Castle with the attendantContinue reading “The Tyranny of the Elevator-Hijacking-Neighbor-Kids”

Whose Been Eating My Porridge?! A Rude Awakening.

My teenage son was planning on having a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning.    But…..  Someone got there first…..   MICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: A Tourist in East Berlin 1971 – Photos

In 1971, my parents and I visited East Berlin shortly after my 13th birthday. The adventure was on a whim, but the experience was a “life changer.” If my memories of the city were not so vivid, I would attribute the faded, grey scenes to the camera and film I used at the time.  EvenContinue reading “Update: A Tourist in East Berlin 1971 – Photos”