Resolution was on my mind but “Revalueshion” was in my heart

I wrote this New Year’s Resolution when I was  eight.  More were to follow, some written in diaries with lockets, many on lined paper sheets torn from notebooks, others on the back of bar napkins. All were misplaced, lost or discarded in frustration before the summer solstice.

This one has survived due to the same parental whimsy that coveted my bad artwork, poison pen apology letters and hand-made birthday cards.

Wishing  all a fantastic new year,  and if you hit some rough patches, try to keep a little “Revauleshion” in your heart….and remember to “let pople slepe on Sunday!”

4 Responses to Resolution was on my mind but “Revalueshion” was in my heart

  1. Syche says:

    My favorite is to “let pople slepe on Sunday.” My kind of 8-year-old. If only more people resolved to do that. =)

    • jacullman says:

      They should have thought twice….That was the best time of day to perform the gravity experiments (throwing Super Balls, water balloons and assorted items out of my 9th floor bedroom window) 😉

  2. Maureen McGoorty says:

    Love it Love it


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