Happy Independence Day!

As long as we lived in Lincoln Park, we celebrated the 4th by meeting family friends on the back steps of the Chicago Historical Society for their “traditional” Independence Day celebration complete with a brass band playing Sousa marches, a few local pols making stump speeches on the back steps of the museum and a parade ledContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!”

Rosebud and Other Artifacts at the Garage Sale

June 11, 2011…… I have a lot of stuff and I’m selling some of it at our garage sale tomorrow. Here are a few of the things that are ready to go to a new home: This arrived under the Christmas tree, a month after president Kennedy was assisinated. I was afraid of the star spangled trunk because it looked,Continue reading “Rosebud and Other Artifacts at the Garage Sale”

Unlikely Muses – Ikea and ShopVac

Sharing because I think these are just wonderful. You’ve gotta give songwriter Jonathon Coulton  credit for finding inspiration in unlikely subjects. And these kinetic typography videos are fabulous. If you liked these, you can listen to more of his songs here.