Diversity Potluck Lunch at Work Today! Hooray!

We had our second annual Potluck Lunch organized by our Diversity Committee at work.  It was held in our Group Homes dining room before the kids got back from school today.  I am absolutely stuffed!

There were all manner of pastas, kugels, pirogues, dumplings, casseroles, salads, meats and sweets. Greek, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Asian, Creole, Soul Food, you-name-it! My co-workers are truly a diverse group of talented cooks!

My participation was limited to purchasing Rex spices and Camellia Beans while visiting family in New Orleans last week. Ingredients our Volunteer Services Director needed to prepare Red Beans and Rice (she used to live in the Crescent City).

I am already planning my contribution to next year’s Diversity Potluck lunch, when fellow workers will get to enjoy the culinary bounty of MY cultural heritage:


Herrings in Cream Sauce

Jellied, Pickled Pigs Feet

Benson & Hedges Vermouth

Ice Milk 

Three cheers for the 2012 Diversity Potluck lunch!

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2 Responses to Diversity Potluck Lunch at Work Today! Hooray!

  1. jacullman says:

    Frances, you will definitely receive an invitation! If you can’t wait a year for the liverwurst, may I recommend ordering one from Usinger’s in Milwaukee? That’s where we used to get ours. Closer to home there is always the Paulina Market. Bon Appetite!

  2. Frances says:

    You’ll have to invite me as a guest next year. I so miss liverwurst and mayo on white sandwich bread. BTW, Camellia beans are supposed to be the best.

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