The Senator Visited Our Home Yesterday (Updated 3/26/11)

UPDATE….The children are on their way to Washington DC! They just received their boarding passes…

On Friday afternoon, our Senator Don Harmon, Illinois 39th District, visited the children who live in the diagnostic treatment center and residence of the social services agency where I work. These children have been through unspeakable trauma – they have been so harmed that many arrive at our door after stays at psychiatric facilities – with only the clothes they are wearing.  It is our mission to provide everything possible to help them heal so they can live in a loving family one day. 

Although our place holds 26 youngsters between the ages of 3 and 12, it is very much a home – and a safe place – perhaps the first safe place our children have resided in their short lives.

The Senator Visits the Children

The reason for the Senator’s visit? The children have been invited to Washington over spring break to tour the White House! They will get to fly on an airplane and stay in a hotel, too!

The Senator talked a little bit about government and the White House itself. The kids had many questions and observations – some quite poignant and insightful. To the Senator’s question as to why we need government, one child raised his hand and said, “So the bad men don’t come into our house and shoot us with guns.”  Others were quite unintentionally funny….”How many bathrooms are in the White House?” “Do you walk President Obama’s dog?”

All in all this is a very exciting time. We are thrilled that our children will get to have this experience.

Life has not been kind lately, but whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, I think about work, and realize that I have so much to be grateful for. Isn’t that something?

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2 Responses to The Senator Visited Our Home Yesterday (Updated 3/26/11)

  1. Jim says:

    What an exciting time for your residents! I hope this trip remains a lasting great memory for them.

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