Back in the USSR. 1970’s Soviet Travel Brochures

A couple of weeks ago our basement filled with two inches of water from latest “100 year flood.” When the same thing happened in 2011 we lifted most of our things off the floor in case of a future occurrence. This time there were fewer casualties and my husband rescued a trunk that contains travel souvenirs from my childhood.

Inside are a comforting hodgepodge of familiar items that I decided to revisit while waiting for Servpro to bail us out. Which brings me back to Spring 1972 in London. While my father was working there, mom decided that we should all take a side trip to East Berlin. So she and I went to a travel agent looking for information. We came away with an amazing stash of USSR, government issue travel brochures that shine a light on tourism attractions the Soviet authorities wanted potential visitors to experience.

Here are some samples. Click on each image to enlarge and read!

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1 Response to Back in the USSR. 1970’s Soviet Travel Brochures

  1. Jan Whitaker says:

    The perfect place to go waterskiing!

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